Night Collection: Contemporary

Simple and accurate, the contemporary collection. Soft, clean lines and soft colors give a new face to the sleeping area, making it elegant and refined. The MULTICOLOR LED system with chromotherapy is a way to give color to your environment during the night and twilight hours. You can choose from many effects and colors for your special moments.

The color accentuates the emotional and visual vibration and enriches the materials it covers. Lacquering is a process that requires a touch of creativity and craft. Artigianmobili offers you 4 refined lacquers with the splendid veined effect of the wood, the white wave, the mother of pearl, the silk gray and the rope. You will also be able to freely and without price increase also choose ral or sample colors to make your night even more unique and incomparable.

The MULTICOLOR LED system with chromotherapy has many fading effects and the ability to change colors sequentially and at variable speed to create countless atmospheres. Green, the color of nature, harmony, balance and peace. Red, the color of love, fire, passion and energy. Blue, the color of the sky, water and calm; it moderates and makes us forget everyday problems.

Yellow, the color of the sun, of enthusiasm, of joy. Fuchsia combines a special cocktail of spirituality, sensuality and brilliant activism. Thanks to the LED CONTROLLER remote control, you can choose the most suitable atmosphere for your magical moments !. Behind a Mirror glass surface, an innovative 40-inch full HD SMART TV wi-fi is revealed with extreme elegance.

Mirror TV, created to meet the highest standards in terms of image and design, all in an ultra-thin door profile. The image area of ​​the monitor disappears completely from view once turned off. Design and elegance in your furniture, without visible cables or intrusive TV boxes. THE MIRROR TV SYSTEM INTEGRATES A SOPHISTICATED GLASS WITH A LARGE 40 INCH FULL HD WI-FI SCREEN WITH LED TECHNOLOGY.

The SMART TV wi-fi monitor is included and has a latest generation 40-inch full HD format with LED technology. With the monitor off, the presence of the TV display is not perceived. Audio, an essential part for correct audio video reproduction, is reproduced through specific and invisible components (shaker system) hidden behind the glass. The solution provides several audio / video inputs (HDMI 1.3, USB). It is equipped with a back panel to facilitate technical maintenance. Product assembled in Italy. Subject to European guarantee and service network.


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