Articolo della rivista Horeca International

“The ARTIGIANMOBILI is an industrial reality of central Italy, founded in 1974 in Giulianova (TE) by the two founding partners D’Eugenio and Piccioni, who in the course of 45 years of history has established itself in the field of modern furniture with its production of walls, kitchens and bedrooms.

Over the years it has gradually grown, expanding its market to all of Italy, and over the last five years also to the foreign market which currently covers 20% of its turnover, where it is very appreciated for its Made in Italy.

An annual turnover of over 6 million euros, and employs a workforce of over 70 employees, both internal and external, on an area of over 7,500 square meters.

It carries out all the processing of the product, from the wood panel, cutting, edging, to the finished piece of furniture. Always striving for product and production process innovation, he dœs not forget his artisan nature, of which the company has made a strong point: attention to detail, attention to mate- rials, continuous product innovation, design and internal study of orders.

A dynamic and versatile company that faces the challenges of the sector with skills, know-how and experience acquired in 45 years of market presence.

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