Raffaele D’Eugenio
ArtigianMobili: quality in continuous evolution since 1974

«It was 1974 when my partner and I decided to take the plunge and get involved. We came from about five years of experience in the woodworking industry and felt that it was time to put our experience to good use and create something that was truly ours. This is how ArtigianMobili was born.

We started by entering the furniture market of southern Italy, with a capillary work of researching customers. We had a strong craftsmanship vocation, but despite this, over the years we have managed to expand our market throughout the national territory, increasingly embracing an industrial concept.

Our goal was, and still is, to offer a quality product in which design and technological research are combined with the craftsmanship of details and finishes. Over time we have specialized in the production of curved furniture.

We started “Trend” line for living rooms which, in the nineties and for the years to come, was our flagship product. The love for curved lines has never left us and has led us, today, to propose our brand new Velvet® line, at moment for the Italian market, patented and characterized by shaped elements, sinuous shapes and a sober and modern style. In all these years we have greatly expanded the range of products and, to the creation of living rooms and dining rooms that has always distinguished us, we have added kitchens and bedrooms.

Now times are changing, the Italian industry is constantly evolving and competition is increasingly high, we felt the need to rely on new business models that would make us make a further leap in quality: we have faced an important generational shift, with the entry of my children, Mariapia and Giovanni, we opened up to the export market and we are orienting ourselves more and more towards an industry 4.0 logic – because we want to always be at the forefront and face the challenges that the future will bring us by always being a step forward. Without ever betraying our values. »

Über uns

Wir produzieren Möbel aus Leidenschaft

ARTIGIANMOBILI wurde 1974 in Giulianova (TE) nach fünfjähriger handwerklicher Erfahrung gegründet. Das Unternehmen wurde von Anfang an mit einem industriellen Konzept geboren, bei dem Design und technologische Forschung immer mit der Handwerkskunst von Details und Oberflächen kombiniert werden.

Es ist sowohl auf dem nationalen als auch internationalen Markt, für die Herstellung von modularen Wohn- und Esszimmern bekannt, die vollständig in Italien unter Berücksichtigung der Umweltvorschriften hergestellt werden.

In den letzten zwanzig Jahren wurde jedoch die Produktpalette erheblich erweitert, um so ein ganzes Haus mit Artigianmobili-Design ausstatten zu können: Wohnzimmerlinie, Küchenlinie, und zu guter Letzt die Schlafzimmerlinie.

Mit seiner 30-jährigen Erfahrung ist ARTIGIANMOBILI eine wachsende Realität, die mit dem Territorium verbunden ist und seine handwerklichen Ursprünge nicht vergisst.