Modern Vogue Kitchen

Live the space fully

Absolute freedom in the kitchen to fully express yourself in your environment. The variants of the wood tones and the maximum compositional modularity guarantee highly flexible solutions. Modern design kitchen, where beauty meets functionality, an intelligent and highly customizable project, for a kitchen environment to be experienced.

Practical and elegant

A new compact composition that optimizes space with a wall-mounted development to offer maximum functionality, practicality and lots of storage capacity. The combination of the different tones of wood creates an elegant style and a perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

A kitchen with classic roots that interprets contemporary style with simplicity and lightness. Thanks to aesthetic solutions with a simple and rational design, it achieves excellent aesthetic and compositional results.


Composition Vogue 1
Composition Vogue 2
Composition Vogue 3
Composition Vogue 4
Composition Vogue 5
Composition Vogue 6