Modern 03

Each of us has a dream, a home where live your lives: feel good, surrounding
yourself with pleasant things, it is a dream that can come true.
Sometimes you just need to know how to choose your own habitat, place, landscape, type of house, for feel satisfied.
There is the right place for us, the way we are and for our needs. A place that represent us, from which to draw energy and in which we feel ourselves.
OGNINOTTE Home project is a journey into different landscapes, natural and urban, in which your home could be located; for each of them we offer various solutions for your ideal bedroom.




Matt Lacquered fumo NCS S5502-Y /

Giroletto SKY Matt Lacquered fumo NCS S5502-Y


Noce chiaro / cemento corda

-Armadio INTRIGO

Cemento corda / inserti noce chiaro

L. 275,5 H. 260,5 P. 66,2


Finiture Armadio e Gruppi

Bianco Seta Liscio
Cemento bianco
Cemento Corda
Gessato Bianco
Gessato Canapa
Gessato Rovere
Finitura Trama Bianco
Finitura Trama Laccato opaco Ral(Ncs
Laccato Lucido/ Ral/ncs

Particolari IN legno

Noce Chiaro
Patagonia Grigio
Carrara Bianco
Vesuvio Grigio
Vesuvio Corda

Letto Matt Lacquered

BIanco 9003
Bianco Onda 9010
Crema 9001
Grigio Ncs 1502 Y
Canapa 013
Grigio Seta 7044
Terra Ombra Ncs 5005
Grigio Quarzo 7039
Grafite 7024
Blu Verde 5001
Blu Colomba 5014
Verde Canne 6013
Verde Patina 6000
Verde Bruco ncs 2070
Giallo Limone 1012
Arancio Segnale 2010
Rosso Oriente 3031
9005 Nero Profondo
Fondente Ncs/7005 Y20R
Sandalo Ncs S4005
Castoro Ncs S3005-Y20R
Camoscio Ncs S6005-Y20R
Pomice Ncs S1502
Fumo Ncs S5002
Moka Ncs S8005 Y20R
Visone Ncs S5005-G50y


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