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Each of us has a dream, a home where live your lives: feel good, surrounding yourself with pleasant things, it is a dream
that can come true.
Sometimes you just need to know how to choose your own habitat, place, landscape, type of house, for feel satisfied. There is the right place for us, the way we are and for our needs. A place that represent us, from which to draw energy and in which we feel ourselves.
OGNINOTTE Home project is a journey into different landscapes, natural and urban, in which your home could be located; for each of them we offer various solutions for your ideal bedroom.

The Metropolis

The City is beautiful at night, a sense of peace and freedom pervades the air, artists, families, young people meet, pubs and cafes are open, we greet each other, we know each other. Cities have always been like people: they show their personality to the visitor. Of certain Cities there is always a memory or even a fragment of it, a corner, a street, a bright window.
The city is not designed, it simply makes itself, it is the reflection of many stories. You just have to live it.

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The Loft

Wide spaces, wide heights, large windows:
the first impact entering a loft is this, the breadth of the spaces, and the open space feeling. Materials used are concrete, bricks, wood, iron, raw materials, ceiling systems. Is it possible to turn all this into the dream home? There are few things that cannot be done in building renovations.
Living in a “Loft” is a choice that has a strong appeal on young couples, but also on families looking for an alternative lifestyle.
It is useless to underline the charm aroused by wide spaces, the sense of freedom, compared with the modern and orderly division of spaces in a “standard” apartment. Living there is a privilege.

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The Sea

Standing in front of your home and contemplating the spectacle of nature, you cannot be happy in front of all this: the smell of the sea, the sand under your fingers, the air, the wind.
Those who love the sea would always want it within themselves, feel it, touch it, immerse themselves in its magnitude.
The sea is equal to those who live on its shores, it has its own character. When it is rough, gray and cold, it fights with its rough waves breaking on the beach or on the rocks. And the roar of the rushing waves makes you feel free.

Living close to the sound of the sea.

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The Country

Live in the countryside, an increasingly widespread desire for peace and nature.
The desire to escape from a hectic life is a need that belongs to many, hence the project to get back in close contact with nature.
Life in the city has its advantages: services, shops, people, theaters, cultural initiatives, in some ways even chaos. Many of us have given up on the idea of living in the countryside, but this instinct is awakening within an increasing number of people, like a seed that is starting to sprout. Whoever, often or from time to time, imagines himself intent on picking blackberries to make jams or dreams of waking up at dawn to take care of his garden, sooner or later will find a way to make this dream come true.

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